The School is administered by a Principal and two Vice Principals for both the campus. The Principal's office is based at Higher Campus while the Lower Campus is headed by one of the Vice Principal. There are 36 teaching staff and 20 support staff in the Higher Campus while there are 16 teaching staff with 12 support staff in the Lower Campus.

School Management Team (SMT): The functioning of the school is administered by the School Management Team.
o The Principal must act as the chairman and the Vice Principals must act as the member secretaries.
o The other members are teachers and support staff taking key responsibilities at school such as-
o Head of School Academic Board (SAB)
o Head of School Ethical and Cultural Board (SECB)
o Head of Student Support Services Board (SSSB)
o Head of School Finance Management
o Head of School Mess Management
o Chairman of Forum for Staff Association (one Staff Secretary)
o Chairman for Forum of Student Association (two Student Presidents)
o Two Senior Teachers
o Office Assistant (one OA).
o In the absence of the Principal, the officiating principal shall be the chairman.







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