✒ Admission Policy

• A child with criminal record is not eligible for admission to the school.

• Any child that has a case in court at the time of admission will miss the admission for the same year.

• Even if a child is found not guilty after the accusation, he/she will still miss the admission for the year.

• An admission may be revoked by the committee if criminal records follow after the admission.

• A child called as a witness to a crime may be considered late admission by the committee.

• A child with false documents shall not receive admission.

• A child with incomplete documentation shall not receive admission.


Applying for Admission


• Admission announcement to be made by the school at the year end.

• The candidate must then fill up the admission application form which is provided by the school. All required information must be filled up correctly for use by school.

• The filled form must be submitted to the School Admission Committee for verification at the time of admission along with the following documents:

• Original Student Progress Report/Mark sheet

• Character certificate

• Photocopy of Citizenship Identity Card of the child (CID of parents if the child is a minor below 15 years of age)

• Supporting documents such as employment order/transfer order/business license as asked by the committee.


Confirmation of Admission


• All the documents must be scrutinized before considering the admission.

• Admission would be done based on the admission criteria of the school.

• The public shall be notified immediately after the close of the admission interview.

• The candidate must submit valid Transfer Certificate with photo within two weeks’ time.

• The admission is completed upon assigning of an admission number from school admission register and filling up of the admission register.


Cancellation of Admission


• An Admission will be cancelled at any time of the academic session if the school admission committee finds evidence of any foul play on the part of the admission seeker.

• In case of serious breach of law, the case may be forwarded to police for action.


Admission in class IX& XI


• Admission of students on government placement is given first priority.

• Additional admission is then carried out based on the number of available seats in school based on the criteria.

• The candidate must have a status of pass in preceding class. Failed candidate from other schools shall not be admitted.

• The candidate has successfully completed the admission interview.

• Admission in these classes is restricted by rules and regulations of the ministry.

• Admission is limited to those on genuine transfer cases.

• The candidate must have a status of pass in preceding class.

• The candidate has successfully completed the admission interview.


Admission in class XI


• The schools reserve no right in the admission of class XI candidates.

• The DEO forms an admission committee for the admission of class XI students.

• The candidate applying for admission in class XI must pass in class X with the required cut-off percentage declared by BCSEA( Bhutan Council for School Examination and Assessment) for that particular year.

• Admission is done based on a set criteria indicated for different categories: Science, Commerce and Arts by BCSEA.

• All qualified candidates must attend the orientation programme conducted by Dzongkhag Education Office with the Principals of the host schools.

• In case of the cluster change, the eligible candidates must obtain approval from the School Liaising and Coordination (SLC) and submit to the admission committee.



✒ Hostel Policy

Hostel Management


Boarding Policies (25th EPGI, page 12)

• Only students whose parents reside outside 7 km radius from the school for urban and 5 km for rural schools are to be admitted as boarders.

• Students who have schools near their places of residences should not be admitted in the other schools as boarders.

• Boarding is meant only for students who cannot attend school without being a boarder due to non- availability of schools or appropriate classes in their place of residence. Boarding is not a choice but a necessity.


Joining as a boarder student


• An applicant must fulfill all the criteria for getting boarder facility stated in the boarding policies.

• The qualifying applicant must fill up the registration form and provide all necessary information sought in the form.

• The children must read all the terms and conditions that apply to children living in hostel and sign the document upon agreement.

• If the child fails to agree with the hostel terms, the child shall be disqualified.

• A boarder student must pay all fees and caution deposits indicated in the school policy book.

• The parent/guardian must hand over the child to the concerned warden/matron in person in the hostel and provide all necessary advice to the child.

• The warden/matron must update the record with the office for release of stipend and the provision of mess facility.








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